About Me

Grown up in India (Dharamshala, Varanasi), then graduating from Vienna University I live in the cultural transience of the West and the East. I cultivated varied interests ranging from history, anthropology to social ecology, always looking for opportunities to grow.

Traveling and discovering hidden places has not only been my profession, but also my passion for over thirteen years.

The Art of Traveling

Traveling has become a major industry in the last decades, yet with it the true spirit of a profound exploration into undiscovered realms, physical or psychological has vanished.

The mere thought of travel as a personal enrichment, nourishment for an ever famished soul, has faded into oblivion. The new form of travel is based on mere consumption- consuming culture, their foods, their history and their sovereignty. Commercialized traveling has created a disturbing plethora of fake authenticity, folklore culture limited to five star restaurants, bogus smiles and indentured hospitality.

But at the same time there is a rising need for bespoke traveling, a search for authenticity, striving for a realistic non romantic and yet affectionate exposure to distant cultures, their ways of living and their “Weltanschauung” sans fake populism.

It is my believe that only if the traveler allows himself to be consumed as much as he/she consumes, the journeys into unknown waters can be seen as a fertile exploration.

Only through furnishing true values to my guests and clients, believing in the products that are served I hope to fulfill my promise of providing unrivaled quality in what ever service I am deemed worthy of.

Yours, Shankar Nath