Bundelkhand Forever

7 April 2012 by Shankar

Back from Bundelkhand and as always it was great. Visited some new areas and as usual IT WAS ENCHANTING. There are things about Madhya Pradesh that are absolutely astonishing, some are more fascinating and some more depressing, but overall it has become one of my favoured destinations in India. Bereft of the usual touristy false lore, the crazy desperate attempts of luring guests into so called authentic culture, it still has so much of original Indianness (Whatever that might be). Here I’ll just do a small best of selection, why this place is so incredibly interesting to travel. Only highlighting hidden gems since the obvious ones (Khajuraho, Gwalior Fort, Orcha etc) have enough Internet footing already. 1. Gwalior – Raj Bara Market Square The first ten visits to Gwalior, i was always pressed of time and only did the main Fort, which by no doubt is impressive. Yet once i had chance to check out the main market square of old town Gwalior i was flabbergasted. This place had so much charm,and yet hardly mentioned in guidebooks. Mainly due to its eclectic architectural experimentation in various states of decay, the square portrays perfectly what happens to a place that was […]


Himalayan Moto Bike Video

15 July 2015 by Shankar

This one is special, made by my Bro Julian. I think it is pretty nice, kind of epitomises the whole Ladakh tour experience on the moto. Soundtrack from MTV sound tripping Dharamshala.    

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