Rajasthan off track- With Pushkar camel Fair

Bookable as a jeep safari.

A jeep safari to the Pushkar Camel Fair.

Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajas is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. The state at the crossroad of many trading routes between India and the Islamic Orient came to an economic boom harbouring many magnificent fiefdoms and their respective palaces.

It came to a promotion of arts and culture in unprecedented ways, prompting them to excel in their own pomp and splendour. This lead to a mergence of various cultural and architectural styles, yet each with an impressive uniqueness. The colorful costumes, seemingly medieval villages and the small oasis’s punctuating the barren landscapes, make up that particular exotic flair Rajasthan is famed for.

Most areas of this state are very well developed tourism wise. I would however, not only visit the famous sights, but also visit small unknown  places, in which we can still have open, uncorrupted and authentic encounters with local customs and culture.

We see magnificent palaces, beautiful gardens, fascinating stepwells and quaint temples. This trip is suitable for all those who are interested in culture and want to immerse themselves in the comfort of a Maharaja or Maharani. All hotels will be charming and special in their deco.

Also an excellent tour to explore India for the first time.

Day 1: Europe – DELHI

Arrival in Delhi.

Transfer to the a Heritage Hotel in the vicinities of Delhi. It was built in 1935 in the English Empire style and was the residence of Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Day 2: Pataudi – Mandawa (197 km)

Drive in the province of Shekavati, once an important hub for caravan routes starting their journey into the West. With the traders leaving for the new emerging colonial economic centers of  Bombay, Calcutta or Madras, the downfall started around mid 19.th Century. What remains today are mostly abandoned, sumptuously painted mansions, called havelis emitting their wonderful charm of decay.

Day 3: Mandawa – Kuchaman (156 km)

While jaunting through romantic small towns ( though noisy and chaotic) in the province of Shekhavati, we  visit many artistically  painted havelis. Ride on to Kuchaman, where we spend the night in a spectacularly built rock fortress, converted into a heritage hotel.

Day 4: Kuchaman – Rupangarh (51 km)

Walking through the labyrinthine old town of Kuchaman, then driving through the parched Sambar Salt Lake, we pass remote villages and enjoy the arid Landscapes . Overnight in the former princely state of Rupangarh.

Day 5: Rupangarh – Pushkar (59 km)

Sightseeing around Rupangarh and scenic drive through the Aravalli mountains to Pushkar. It is here the annual camel fair takes place. We marvel at the bustle of thousands of camels and witness the negotiations of camel dealers from different parts of the country in their colorful costumes.

Day 6 Pushkar

Today’s Full Moon marks the climax of the festivities. Early Morning many Pilgrims take part in the auspicious bathing ritual on the banks of the lake, and then perform prayers in the temple of  god Brahma.

Noon drive to Ajmer, visiting the holy shrine of Salim Chisti.  Thousands of Muslim pilgrims come here to pray before the tomb of the Sufi saint. Ecstatic live Sufi music , by some of the countries best performers, is played throughout the day.

This is a special occasion to witness the incredible cultural diversity within India.

Day 7 Pushkar – Deshnoke – BIKANER – Gajner (254 km)

Drive to Deshnoke, visit the quirky but magnificent Rat temple. We continue onwards to Bikaner, a former kingdom with a beautiful palace from the 17th century. The city landscape is dominated by old crumbling havelis  with ornate sandstone.

In the afternoon, our journey takes us to the former hunting ground of the Maharajas. We stay at the Gajner Palace, idyllically situated on a small lake hunting resort of the erstwhile Maharajas.

Day 8: Gajner – Phalodi – Jaisalmer (332 km)

Drive to Phalodi. Visit the migration territory of the Tibetan gray cranes and visit of masterfully ornamented merchant houses of the Jains.

Continue to the fortified oasis city of Jaisalmer. As in a fairy tale shines the built of bright sandstone city in the setting sun. Visit the magnificent, delicately worked facades of houses and temples. Walking through the city.

Day 9: Jaisalmer

In the morning continue sightseeing in Jaisalmer. Excursion to Khuri to the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Visiting picturesque Old world Villages near Kuri.

Day 10: Jaisalmer – Osiyan (240 km)

Morning drive to Osiyan, once important trading city from the 8th century,home to many architectural Jewels. We will see magnificent Jain temples and beautiful stone sculptures.

Day 11: Osian – Jodpur – LUNI (100 km)

On route to Jodhpur you will visit the huge memory shrines (Devals) of the Maharaja of Jodhpur in Mandore. The Mehrangarh Fort is situated on a 123m high rock and thus overlooks the blue city of Jodpur. Night in a palace hotel in Luni.

Day 12: LUNI – RANAKPUR – Kumbalgarh (180 km)

Ride in the Aravallimountains. In a hidden valley, the temple of Ranakpur was built in the 15th century. This Jain shrine is made of white marble. 1444 ornate pillars support the 29 temple roofs.

Our journey continues with one of the most scenic landscape rajasthan has on offer. In the evening a short visit to the historic fort of Kumbalgarh, the biggest fortress in India.

Day 13: Kumbalgarh – UDAIPUR (100 km)

After a short walk to fabulous views open up to Rana Kumbha in the Fort Aravallis. From here the fabled war against Moghulinvasoren was performed. Nevertheless, the time Rana Kumbha was also a high heyday of Rajput culture. Never the fortress with its massive bastions was fully occupied, its strategic location on the edge of the Aravallis very impressed. Drive to Eklingi and Nagda  2nd centuries-old temple complex, then continue to Udaipur, Taking a boat trip on Lake Pichola, we watch the sunset against the backdrop of the 800-meter palace façade.


In the morning we visit the city palace and a walk through alleys, temples and Bathing-ghats takes us through the charms of the old town.


A short flight takes us to Delhi. Connecting flights to Europe


Arrival in Europe.


Travel Price from Delhi (14 days): € 2880.-

Number of participants: 4 to 10 people

Services: Good accommodation in “Heritage Hotels” or elegant Homestays (14 nights), All meals and Water will be provided, All entrance fees, Transfers . Excluding Beverages

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