Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka- Motorbiking through Paradise

1 - 15 February 2018

2017 this Tour was sold out twice. Please book ahead for 2018 fixed seats.  This great adventure combines Motorbiking Adventure with Cultural spectacles and Beach Holiday. There are days we are just cruising the tropical landscapes, followed by days which give us deep insights into the buddhist world, again followed by days that are dedicated to relaxing on the Beach. I do make it a point to introduce my guests to all possible facets of the island, including those painful parts of History often ignored. Yet this is a Fun tour focussing mainly on all culinary , spiritual and natural spectacles. For a detailed itinerary please just email me. Tag 1: Arrival in Sri lanka. Overnight in Negombo Tag 2: Negombo – Kalpitiya – Negombo. A small drive through village streets. We visit the Kalpitiya peninsula, renowned for its surf. Tag 3: Negombo -Ridivihara – Dambula. (180km). Today our way takes us into inroads of the island. At first along the coast and then on small village roads we head towards Dambulla. Tag 4: Dambula -Sigiriya – Ritigala – Anuradhapura (120 km). We are in the heart of  the Buddhist cultural triangle, visiting some historic monuments but mainly having fun riding the Jungle tracks connecting some of the sights. Sigiriya, the […]


Lovely Himachal – a smooth himalayan journey.

25 October - 10 November 2018

Bookable as a motorcycle tour or jeep safari. This tour takes us through unfamiliar and small valleys of the Indian Himalayas. Himachal is famous for its cultural and natural diversity. The rides are mostly on small well paved highways, which allow us to gain an insight into the lifestyle of the rural population, and various nomadic groups (Gaddis and Gujjars) that reside here. All hotels on this trip are charming little jewels. All who know me, know what I mean. This trip is highly recommended for “Himalayan beginners” because there will be no wild passes, rough tarmac or extreme driving. Any driving day is followed by a day off to relax, conduct small walks and village visits enabling us to lern more about the surroundings we traverse.   Day 1, 25.10: Arrival in India. Transfer to the hotel. Day 2, 26.10: Delhi – Chandigarh – Shimla. Early in the morning, we leave Delhi by train to Chandigarh, then we go by car towards the Himalayan foothills, which slow but steadily arise before the traveler. Shimla is perched at 2200 meters altitude and has long been the colonial summer capital of the British. In the late afternoon we stroll through the […]


Rajasthan off track- With Pushkar camel Fair

20 November - 6 December 2018

Bookable as a jeep safari. A jeep safari to the Pushkar Camel Fair. Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajas is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. The state at the crossroad of many trading routes between India and the Islamic Orient came to an economic boom harbouring many magnificent fiefdoms and their respective palaces. It came to a promotion of arts and culture in unprecedented ways, prompting them to excel in their own pomp and splendour. This lead to a mergence of various cultural and architectural styles, yet each with an impressive uniqueness. The colorful costumes, seemingly medieval villages and the small oasis’s punctuating the barren landscapes, make up that particular exotic flair Rajasthan is famed for. Most areas of this state are very well developed tourism wise. I would however, not only visit the famous sights, but also visit small unknown  places, in which we can still have open, uncorrupted and authentic encounters with local customs and culture. We see magnificent palaces, beautiful gardens, fascinating stepwells and quaint temples. This trip is suitable for all those who are interested in culture and want to immerse themselves in the comfort of a Maharaja or Maharani. All hotels will be charming […]

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

1 - 15 February 2018

Bookable as a motorcycle tour or cultural trip (with small program adjustments). This dreamlike journey connects Off Road Adventure with cultural attractions and a tropical beach vacations. We will get a great insight into the diversity of this island paradise. We will experience days where we get acquainted with the ancient Buddhist culture prevalent throughout the island, followed by days discussing the political realities of the island nation and its recent inglorious past, especially during our visit to the impressive war memorial in the former war zone of Killinochi; again followed by days where we can admire the tropical wildlife and dwell in the pleasures of  sea, sun and sandy beaches. The tropical setting provides an incredible backdrop throughout our cultural and historic explorations. A very funky and inspiring tour you will cherish for long. Day 1: Arrive in Sri Lanka. Lodging in Negombo, a lagoon city not far from the airport. Day 2: Negombo – Kalpitiya. A small drive through village streets. We visit the Kalpitiya peninsula, renowned for its surf. Day 3: Negombo -Habarana – Dambula. (180km). Today we our way takes us into the island. At first along the coast and then on small village roads we head […]


Pilot Tour- Pamir Highway

4 - 18 July 2018

Bisher war es fast unmöglich den Pamir zu sehen weil der Pamir-Knoten Grenzt an China, Afghanistan, Pakistan und Indien, alles etwas heiße geopolitische Gebiete. Bis heute erfordert es einen Pass um in die GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomen Provinz)zu reisen. Aber jetzt haben wir diese einmalige Gelegenheit – auf dem Motorrad diese spektakuläre Straße zu bereisen! Wir besuchen die hell bunten Fann Berge, schwimmen im Iskanderkul See, in dem Alexander der Große einst badete. Auch am program is der Ak Bajtal (4665 m) einer der höchsten Zentralasiatischen pässe. Eine Pilot tour der extraklasse. Weitere Details auf anfrage.

The Wild Himalayas with Pangi and Zanskar Valleys

The Wild Himalayas with Pangi and Zanskar Valleys

19 September - 5 October 2018

Bookable only as a motorcycle tour. This tour is for everyone who likes it the hard way. We drive on exclusive roads that are definitely not on any beaten trek. Be assured that you will experience the Himalayan magnificence like no where else. The roads on this tour are a dream for passionate motorcyclists, often located on steep absurd slopes and almost always with a breathtaking panorama. Initially the street from Killar to Kishthwar was scheduled as a closed Millitarystreet, now it is also accessible to civilian public. If the access would not be so remote, this road would be famous as one of the most spectacular in the world. The lovely Zanskar valley is still refreshingly undeveloped compared to touristy Ladakh. Our tour begins with another cultural highlight, the Golden Temple of Amritsar. When I drove from Killar to Kishtwar for the first time, I could not believe my eyes. The track on which I drove did not seem like a road, but rather a poem carved in granite. After all these years as a motorcyclist in the Himalayas, I could not believe that I would still be surprised and amazed. And amazed i was! This trip is also suitable for […]